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April 27, 2007

Performance at the Yahoo! Brick House opening in San Fransisco. Yay, we like the web!
June 17, 2006

TheNimoys play at the "Good Work" event at Dangerous Curve. It's their summer fund raiser and grand re-opening. be there or be somewhere else.
January 7, 2006

TheNimoys @ The Hive Gallery -- Monthly Group Show -- with VJ by FLUX
September 9, 2005

TheNimoys @ Salon Series v.6 -- Collective Performance.
June 5, 2005

Marc's UCLA Senior Recital. flyer
April 30, 2005

nimoy|salazar (Marc & Felix) at Cafebalcony with VJ josh. 10pm
April 21, 2005

Fowler Out Loud!: Marc Nimoy and Felix Salazar at the UCLA Fowler Museum, with Josh VJ-ing. 6pm
April 15, 2005

The Nimoys live at the Hammer Museum listen.
March 20, 2005

TheNimoys are now on the iTunes music store!! check it out, and you can listen to 10 seconds of every song.
March 12, 2005

Marc receives CalArts candidacy for the MFA degree in Composition: Experimental Sound Practices
February 11, 2005

Marc plays at the Salon Series v.2 with Felix Salazar
October 29, 2004

The Eventide CD sold out at store - the shelves have been restocked.
October 25, 2004

The Nimoys release posted in ITP at New York University, Tisch
October 25, 2004

CD Baby writes a raving (and quite articulate) review and the Eventide album was shown at the front page of their website. "Intense, glassy and distilled tones drawn from the sounds of videogames, high and low frequency beats peppering drawn-out phrases, pecking holes in a long, stretched-out melodic thought, dancing with the possibility of pure randomness, one step away from the samples composing themselves, delving into the stripping of soundwaves, taking a guitar lick and slowly unwinding it, taking the stance that all is "game" for their soundplay. These approaches begin to capture the far too rare approach to their album- one of genuine curiosity, possibility; one of "why not?!"s and "what if?!"s. As wiry threads dodge and tumble around thicker, more lush tones, the high-strung samples dart in and out from among the more ambling qualities, multi-layered textures of diverse color and mood are juxtaposed with a sense of spontaneity, yet not without meaning. Similar in style to groups like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Autechre, the album prods the brain much like a kaleidoscope where lucid colors and abstract geometrical patterns, pulled by gravity but seeming to move with their own will, inject fleeting imagery and fractal-like impressions onto the mind, leaving behind an indefinite sensation. In a nutshell? Kick Ass."
September 19, 2004

Marc plays at Zen Sushi.
October 1, 2004

Josh returns to Pentagram, New York City
July 16, 2004

Josh moves to Italy and starts at Fabrica.
July 10, 2004

Marc at Cole's. 9pm. free. 21+
June 12, 2004

Josh finishes graduate school at NYU ITP.
June 3, 2004

Marc at a UCLArts undergraduate group show. kinross south
May 22, 2004

Marc at Cafe Balcony. 10pm
March 5, 2004

Marc's UCLA Junior Recital